With our instructors,
you will speak GERMAN as the Germans do

Cherry Tree’s Special Features for German Language Study

  • 1. We offer courses that are much faster. We can assure you that you will reach the B2 level in just 6 months whereas elsewhere it will take you a year or more to reach this level of study.
    2. At Cherry Tree we follow the new set of GOETHE books. The new set has not been publicly proclaimed. So, where every other institute still follows the old tried and tested books, we have the latest books with a very effective and direct approach to learning the language effectively
    3. Our students appear for the International GOETHE examinations which are widely acknowledged. There are other examinations like the ECL and the Austrian state-approved OSD. But the best way to assess your German Language Mastery is through the GOETHE way.
    4. Enrolling at Cherry Tree gives you the added leverage of being able to appear for the B2 level examination in Germany!!!
    5. The German Language Faculty, Guides, and Trainers at Cherry Tree are all very proficient and highly experienced. They include people who have lived and worked in Germany for several years
    6. Cherry Tree prepares you to weather the culture shock of shifting to Germany. Our instructors will cushion your arrival and early days in Germany by teaching you what to expect when you reach there. Tips will be given on how to travel, the best places to stay, how and what to eat, and above all how to approach people
    7. Cherry Tree also guarantees you placement support when you have successfully cleared the B” Level